The Towns Update

Hello one and all, and welcome to the first update that we’re making a blog post for! We’re here to introduce our latest small update to you all: The Towns Update! A lot of love and care has gone into the creation of this update, and we hope you’ll enjoy it! This update features a complete overhaul of the towns system in an effort to make playing with friends and building communities more enjoyable and rewarding on Parallel. You’ll start to see special people and activities taking place in towns that are active and bustling! There are also a number of other features and secrets that we’ll get into a bit later in this post.

Towns Reimagined

The old Towns system sometimes made it difficult to play together in towns or to see who was a member of a particular town. Many towns fell by the wayside because there weren’t any reasons to keep playing in them. Well, we’re excited to announce that the Towns system has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer a better and more enticing gameplay experience overall!

A huge skull in Lush town, one of the server towns in Parallel Otherside!

First off, let’s talk about how to become a member of a town. To join a town, you can create one with /town create, join an open town via the /town list command (which pulls up a list of all towns), or accept an invite to a private town. Once you’re in a town, you can type /town to open a handy-dandy menu; this menu controls almost every feature of the Towns system, including a full member list, a writable town charter that all members can see, and loads of other customization options!

On top of the town management features added, you can expect to see more special events and developments happening in active towns. The more hustle and bustle there is in a town, the more you might see something extraordinary pop up!

We’ll be making a full feature showcase of the Towns system at some point in the near future, but hopefully this is enough to get everyone started. You can also type /town help for more information about new town commands as well as the menu.

The Town GUI Menu, where you can view/edit almost everything about your town!

More Accessible Charms

Before today, charms were divided between Maggie’s riftcoin shop and the Tebex webstore; most of the ranked charms were given to players when they purchased a donator rank, but after that, you had to purchase extras from Tebex. This system is no more! Now, Maggie sells all current charms for riftcoins, and the Charms section of the Tebex store has been closed down.

Maggie’s Charms Shop has been split into two sections: an “open” charms shop, where players can purchase charms regardless of rank, and a “ranked” charms shop, which features charms that can be bought with various voter and donator ranks. To purchase a donator rank, head to our Tebex webstore!

We hope this change allows charms to be a more integral cosmetic feature in your Parallel gameplay experience. And, of course, many more charms will be added soon!

Charms galore (and this is only one of the shops)!

Vanessa Moore’s Laboratory

Remember the Death Cube, the horrendous labyrinth of death and despair in Parallel Prime? Well, Vanessa Moore now trades wares for the Cube’s Gilded Blooms at her house in the spawn town! Currently, you can find a special lore book and exclusive potions that you can’t find anywhere else on Parallel! Only the bravest Parallel players will receive these special items.

The formidable Death Cube, located in Parallel Otherside.

Emoji Teasers & New VoteParty Prizes

Thanks to the artistic prowess of our texture artist CallMeSquidKid, we are testing out a brand-new chat feature: Emojis! Currently we have 3 emojis below that anyone can use in Parallel chat:


More emojis will be coming soon. Feel free to request your favorites in the suggestions channel on our Discord server (we’re a big fan of adding 💀, 👀, … well, you get the idea).

We also have implemented a bunch of new VoteParty chest rewards, and cycled out a bunch of the old ones that were there for waaaay too long. We don’t want to spoil what they are, but let’s just say they may be worth your while.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to stop by the Gingerbread House in the spawn town to pick up a special trophy!

That’s all we have for this update! As always, be sure to check the patch notes in our Discord server for all the specifics. We hope you have a ton of fun chugging one of Vanessa’s special potions and running full-speed through a new town while spamming emojis along the way.

Happy metropolis-making,
The Parallel Team

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