Feature of the Week #6: Auction House!

Happy Sunday, y’all! We’re back for another Feature of the Week! This week, we’re taking a look at the Parallel Auction House!

By simply holding the item you want to sell in your hand (up to 1 stack) and typing /ah sell <price>, you can offer that item for sale to all players on Parallel at once! Players can also type /ah bid <price> to put an item up for auction, and the item will go to the highest bidder 24 hours later. Any player can sell or auction up to 3 items at a time, or up to 10 if you purchase a rank from the Parallel Tebex store! With the ability to create an instantly accessible open market via the auction house, you can see why this feature is one we’re excited about!

Buying an axe from the Auction House!

While the auction house is a great way to sell your friends netherite ingots or golden apples and make a profit, we don’t recommend relying on the auction house for player-to-player trades. Once an item is on the auction house, it’s made available for purchase by anyone and everyone on Parallel. When an item is sold, it’s gone, so only put an item on the auction house that you want to sell!

That’s it for this week – be sure to check us out next Sunday for another Feature of the Week!

See you later,
The Parallel Team

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