Server Rules


As a player on Parallel, you are expected to know and follow the rules below at all times. All rules apply to all Parallel Minecraft servers, the Parallel Discord server, and the Parallel Wiki. Parallel is a community that is safe and fun for everyone, and we can only achieve this with your support!

Our primary motto for our rules is “Be Excellent”! By being a morally upstanding player and by using common sense, you’ll automatically be following the vast majority of these rules already!

Here are our overall rules (click on each of these to find a more detailed explanation further down):


Cheating includes anything that provides an unfair gameplay advantage over other players. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hacked clients (movement hacks, PvP hacks, etc.)
  • X-Ray mods, resource packs, or vanilla glitches
  • Item duplication (except for carpets, rails, and TNT)
  • Mouse or keyboard macros / autoclickers
  • Alt / Second accounts
  • Fullbright
  • Minimap or waypoint mods
  • Schematica / Litematica printer function
  • Using Replay Mod to spy on areas you couldn’t access otherwise
  • Inventory / container autosorters
  • Exploiting vanilla bugs / glitches for personal gain

Performance mods, such as Optifine and Forge / Fabric performance modpacks, are allowed. Resource packs and shaders that do not provide an inherent gameplay advantage are also allowed. Other permitted clients include Badlion, Lunar, Labymod, and Feather (ask staff before using a client that isn’t approved here).


Stealing anything that belongs to another player is forbidden on Parallel. Remember TINPOTS: Theft Is Not Permitted On This Server! This includes taking belongings from any area or container that is A) part of someone else’s property, B) not explicitly marked as public, or C) not clearly part of a generated structure. If a chest is unlocked, that does NOT mean that it is public!

If you believe that you have been stolen from, contact a moderator in-game or create a ticket in our #help Discord channel. Staff will be able to identify the perpetrator and roll back any belongings that have been stolen.

In the case of theft from the Parallel Shopping District, your access to the District will be revoked.


Griefing, or the intentional damaging of property that is used by other players, is forbidden on Parallel. Modifying any blocks belonging to another player without their permission is considered griefing. If you are not sure if a structure or area is claimed, ask a staff member before editing it. Additionally, every loot chest in every generated structure replenishes loot for new players, so do not destroy loot chests unless you are living in or modifying that area.

If you believe that you have been griefed, contact a moderator in-game or create a ticket in our #help Discord channel. Staff will be able to identify the perpetrator and roll back any property that has been damaged.

Responsible Land Claiming

Parallel does not use a formal land claiming plugin in order to be less restrictive, so be considerate of how close you may be building to someone else’s property. If you think you’re building too close to someone else, you probably are. Builds that are too close to another player will be moved elsewhere by staff.

Be sure to clearly mark your claims so that other players know whose land they are on. Additionally, don’t claim a huge swathe of land if you’re not going to use it all; this boxes out other players from enjoying particular areas on the server. Enormous unused claims may be recycled by staff.

Claims that are owned by players who haven’t been online in over three months will be subject to removal if another player wishes to build there (staff keeps copies of all removed builds). If you anticipate a long leave of absence, please reach out to staff. We’ll work with you!

Chat Rules

Our motto of “Be Excellent” is extremely important when interacting directly with other players via chat. Parallel prides itself on being a diverse community for players of all different backgrounds and identities to play and have fun & feel safe while doing so. Chat rules include, but are not limited to:

  • No spamming (repeated messages or excessive capital letters)
  • No harassment, hate speech, or excessive trolling / negativity
  • No advertising
  • No excessive profanity
  • No explicitly sexual / provocative comments directed toward other players
  • No posting NSFW content
  • No unnecessary pinging of other players
  • Respecting the privacy of players in the Parallel community


Impersonating members of the Parallel Team is forbidden. This includes claiming to be a staff or team member as well as claiming that you have powers specifically reserved to staff or team members. Other instances of impersonation include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting your nickname to a staff or team member’s username (or close enough to be misleading)
  • Setting your skin to that of a staff or team member
  • “Backseat moderating” (deliberately trying to handle a situation meant for staff to handle)

Nonconsensual PvP

PvP, or combat between players, is only allowed on Parallel if all involved parties consent to it. To enable / disable your PvP, use /togglepvp. Note that having PvP enabled does NOT equal consenting to PvP!

Excessive Lag

Builds or properties that are causing an unnecessary burden on server resources are not permitted and are subject to removal or modification by staff in order to cause less server lag. Common types of server lag include large groups of mobs / entities, enormous redstone contraptions, chunk loaders, and inefficient redstone circuits. If staff determines that a build is causing too much of a strain on the server, we will work with the owner of the build to determine whether or not the build can be modified to reduce server lag.

Account Responsibility

Your Minecraft account will be held liable for its actions, no matter who uses it. Staff punishes accounts, not the players themselves. Only let trusted individuals use your Minecraft account, and if you are in a position where you think someone else is using your account without your permission, change the account password!

Allowed Spawners List:

Due to the usage of some world generation datapacks that are no longer in use, there is a small possibility that you may come across an “illegal” spawner type in your travels. Below is the list of spawners that are allowed for everyday use within Parallel:
– Blaze
– Cave spider
– Creeper
– Enderman
– Hoglin (in nether)
– Magma Cube
– Silverfish
– Skeleton
– Spider
– Stray
– Vex
– Zombie

Remember, our goal is to maintain a semi-vanilla experience and some spawners are simply too overpowered. If you find a spawner type in the world that is not listed above, you are expected to report it to staff. 

We’ll happily replace it to one of the spawner types listed below (of your choosing):
– Cave spider
– Creeper
– Skeleton
– Spider
– Zombie