How do I connect to the server?

You can connect to Parallel via the IP play.parallelmc.org (Java Edition 1.20+).

What are the main features of Parallel?

  • Parallel Worlds & Open-World Gameplay: In fact, it’s more like open-universe gameplay. Players aren’t restricted from exploring all aspects of vanilla Minecraft, and they can also check out space, the sky dimension, and much more! Secrets are uncovered around every corner…
  • Custom Features: Explore rifts to other worlds, discover custom structures and fight through difficult custom dungeons, interact and trade with characters, use new items that fit a vanilla gameplay style, and much, much more!
  • Active, Dynamic Community: You’ll never have trouble finding a friendly face on here! Players are also willing to help you out in any way possible, whether it be building, fighting, or gathering resources. Join our Discord to learn about our regular server events!
  • Participate in Lore: Players actively shape the server’s story that has been taking place since April 2020 – learn more about it here!
  • Active Economy: An actively-maintained Shopping District featuring dozens of vanilla chest shops! Characters also sell custom goods in and around the spawn town, and you can put items up for auction too!
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Better wandering traders, shooting stars, player + mob head drops, XP storage… no detail is too small!
  • NO LAG: Parallel uses dedicated server hardware to deliver you a constant stream of 20 TPS, lagless gameplay.

How do I get started?

The short answer: however you want! 

  • If you like the community Minecraft experience, choose a player town from the portal pads in spawn and join the town (type /town for more info)!
  • If you’re looking for a more conventional Minecraft experience, feel free to walk away from the spawn town and settle down when you find a nice area.
  • Feel free to go exploring and loot the hundreds of custom structures that Parallel has to offer. Or, check out any of the custom dungeons and lore sites! Visit the Wiki for more information about these (don’t be afraid to ask other players too!).
  • Parallel also has dozens of custom features (type /help for a full list of server commands and features) and items (mostly sold by characters in the spawn town) that players can learn and use to enhance their Minecraft experience.

There are also periodic events, such as gamenights, lore, etc. Joining the Discord is a great way to learn more!

How do I travel between worlds?

There are many different worlds to explore on Parallel:

  • The main world is called Parallel Otherside and it’s where all players spawn in. 
  • To get to the Sky Dimension, a small kingdom full of secrets, go through the large, purple, spherical portal above spawn. 
  • To reach Parallel Prime, the old overworld, go through the yellow, spherical sky portal above the Shopping District (accessible via a portal pad at spawn). 
  • To travel to Space, find the spaceship behind the portal pads in the Parallel Prime spawn town and stand on the captain’s chair while wearing a space helmet (purchasable from Red in the spawn town). 
  • Nether and End travel are the same!

What’s the deal with Lore?

Parallel has an extensive lore history that is completely optional to engage with. It centers around the concept of Parallel worlds and alternate dimensions, led by the server’s scientists: Niall, Jess, and Lane. Various interdimensional dangers, like the dragon Ralnthar, pose great threats against our world and are combatted and better understood with periodic server lore events, usually announced on our discord or following normal server events. 

Player lore is also encouraged, and forms the basis of some of our more interesting ongoing lore plotlines (such as the Stormgate Keepers, a secret society of hooded figures with a mysterious past)! If you wish to come up with lore or a backstory for your character, please feel free to do so and post it in the #documentation channel on our Discord, where all lore is documented. 

Even if you missed past lore, most lore sites and dungeons are still available to explore and loot! A full summary of server lore can be found here, on our Wiki.

Is there a land claiming system?

Parallel operates on a common-sense land claiming system (plus, your containers auto-lock so no one can steal your valuables!). Players can settle wherever they choose as long as it isn’t too close to another player’s claim. Usually, other players’ claims are obvious, marked with signs and unnatural structures. If you’re unsure if an area is claimed or if you’re building too close to another player, ask a staff member! Staff reserve the right to move/void your claim if it violates this common sense claiming system and have the ability to rollback any grief done by players.

How do I get riftcoins and what are they used for?

In the spirit of Vanilla Minecraft, the main currency of Parallel is diamonds, which can be used to buy and sell items in the server’s Shopping District. To gain access to the Shopping District, type /mcforums and fill out the graylist application, and a staff member will grant you admission. 

Riftcoins are the secondary currency used for more server-specific items and functions. For example, riftcoins are used to purchase custom items from characters at spawn, buy items from other players in the Auction House (/ah), and more! Riftcoins can be obtained by voting every day with /vote, typing /daily every day, selling goods on the Auction House, getting paid by players with /pay, interacting with the server’s Reddit post every Saturday, and filling out the Shopping District graylist application.

How do I start a player town?

Player towns can be established by any player using /town create. There are no requirements to create or maintain a regular town! 

In order for a town to receive a portal pad at spawn, players must fill out the Portal Pad Application (also pinned in the #info-and-rules channel on the Discord) and meet the following requirements for the town: 

  • At least five active members
  • Be established and active for at least two weeks
  • Not be too close to spawn or other portal pads (per staff discretion)
  • Have significant infrastructure/buildings
  • Be named and registered on the /town list

Notify staff when you submit an application and they will consider it and respond as quickly as possible!

Is PvP enabled?

Parallel only supports consensual PvP, in which both parties consent to engaging in combat. If you are not comfortable fighting with other players, toggle PvP off using /togglepvp. Please note just because someone has PvP toggled on does not mean they are consenting to PvP; if you want to PvP someone, ask them!

Is fire spread on? 

Fire spread has been disabled in overworld dimensions to limit griefing.

Is item duping allowed?

Currently, only rail, carpet, and (to an extent) TNT are allowed to be duped on Parallel in the spirit of Vanilla Minecraft. All other items are not allowed to be duplicated per our Rules.

Is there a limit to how much I can loot from structures?

Most structures on Parallel now utilize regenerating loot tables that refill loot chests every time a new player opens them. Unless otherwise specified, structures can be looted as much as desired and will regenerate for new players!

Do you support Bedrock Edition?

No, Parallel is a Java Edition-only server. We may support Bedrock players down the line, but it’s not on our current radar.

NOTE: If you bought the computer version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you’re able to redeem Minecraft: Java Edition for free! Visit this FAQ page for more info.

How can I apply for Staff or Team?

Staff and Team applications are currently linked in the #info-and-rules channel on the Discord, where the qualifications are also listed. Active players who fit Staff and Team qualifications are strongly encouraged to apply!

Does Parallel accept donations?

Parallel has a server store that offers four different custom donor ranks with dozens of perks. Additionally, there is an option to donate to Parallel out of the goodness of your heart! Our server store can be found here!

Where can I learn more about the server?

The Wiki is a great place to read about all of our custom features, events, characters, etc.! Everything is categorized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Also, be sure to read our Rules!