Feature of the Week #5: Sunken Treasure!

Hi there, everyone! We’re back for another Feature of the Week! This week, we’re looking at Sunken Treasure!

Ancient treasures lie deep underwater, and it’s up to you to uncover them! Heavily inspired by the Gamemode 4 Sunken Treasure datapack module, players have the ability to dig up items from underwater sand using a fortune shovel. This treasure includes prismarine crystals/shards, gold ingots, wet sponges, and even hidden messages!

More specifically, there must be at least four blocks of water above the player in order for treasure to be found in the sand. Also, higher levels of Fortune on the shovel increase the chance of finding treasure.

Here’s some of the treasure you may find when digging underwater!

That’s all we have for now – join us next Sunday for another Feature of the Week!

See you later,
The Parallel Team

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