Feature of the Week #8: Red’s Shop!

Hello and welcome back for another round of the Parallel Feature of the Week! This Sunday we’ll be taking a look at the milk-getting-man himself, Red! This surly space captain’s shop has been stationed in spawn since the start, so let’s dive in on some of the interesting items he has to offer.

First up, there’s the little purple man in your hand that snatches you back from the void: The Totem of the Void. Super useful if you find yourself ender pearling between islands in the End dimension and didn’t get a throw quite right. The Void Totem snatches you back from the void, places you back on the ground, and you don’t suffer the loss of all of your gear! Be sure to pick one up before your next End adventure!

The full array of items at Red’s Shop – you’ll have to see what they are for yourself!

Next up we’ve got a wide variety of instant-growing saplings straight from Red’s ship! From towering mushrooms to beautiful coral reefs to even a tree made of every other tree, Red rotates his stock often, so be sure to check back often to see what he has!

The last item on this list is one that you’ll miss if you stop by Red’s shop at the wrong time of day. Available only after the sun goes down, the Blunt Lantern is one item you’ve got to have in your arsenal. Glowing with the power of being enhanced with the sharpness V enchantment, this is for sure one lantern you won’t see anywhere else in Minecraft!

That wraps up this Parallel Feature of the Week – stop by same time same place next Sunday for another awesome feature!

See you later,
The Parallel Team

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