Meet the Team

We here at Parallel are committed to bringing you the best gameplay experience possible. As such, we require a large team in order to get things done around here! Below, you’ll find a list containing every Parallel Team member, along with a little bit of info about who they are and what they do!


Hey, I’m Diamondback, but a lot of people call me DB! I’m the owner and founder of Parallel and I serve as a “jack of all trades” in order to keep the server functioning smoothly. You’ll often find me planning new gameplay features, designing new custom textures and models, and managing relationships between the playerbase and the Parallel Team. I also created this very website!


Hey there! I’m CreeperKing, but most people call me Creeper or Creep (affectionately I hope). I was Parallel’s first admin and have had a great time helping out wherever I can. You can usually find me baking loreos, vibing with players, running events, or questioning my life choices after typing /playtime. As far as admin duties go, I do a little bit of everything. I like to help players, work on server projects, create events, and do anything else that helps Parallel flourish. Please feel free to contact me in chat or via discord if you ever need some help or just someone to talk to.

Howdy, I’m Motacilla_Alba or just Mota, I’m an admin and builder for Parallel. I enforce the rules to make sure everyone playing has a fair and fun time, usually only being on during the weekdays. I’m also responsible for helping and making the builds for lore or other projects we have at the time. If you see me on I’m either playing survival, doing admin work, or building in a different world.


Hi, I’m UnknownSilicon! I’ve been the lead developer on the server for about a year and a half. As a developer, I create the server’s custom plugin, ParallelUtils. This allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible for vanilla servers. I also keep our development team organized to ensure fast development of features, while ensuring we don’t break the server in the process. If you have any feedback about any custom features, let me know!

Hi, I’m EBro912, most people call me EBro. I’ve been a moderator on the server pretty much since the beginning. I spend most of my time keeping the server in check and making sure people are playing fairly. I also have a role behind the scenes as a developer creating various plugins for the server such as the chat and other goodies. You may catch me at my pawn shop where I sell exotic and rare items related to the server’s history, so make sure to stop by!


Hey, y’all! I’m robbie1776, but most just call me Robbie. I have been on the Historian team with Muffin and Pres for about a year now, working to document the robust lore plot of Parallel. I am also Parallel’s newest moderator! When I’m not busy annoying Mota, I’m welcoming new players to the server, always making myself available to help out and answer any questions. Stop by Thiccy Piston in the Shopping District and say hi sometime!

Hey, I’m Mint! I’ve been a member of Parallel for a long time now, and just recently became a Trial Mod! You can usually catch me working on my town, hanging out with some friends, or just relaxing at my house. Cant wait to see everyone in game!

Community Managers

Hello! I am Mr_PresidingDent in Minecraft and Discord. I am a member of the Parallel Team, serving as the Head of Community Outreach and Chief Historian. I make posts on the Parallel Instagram and Twitter accounts, and I also manage the #documentation channel on Discord as well as the Lore Anthology document. I love discovering and analyzing the complexities of the server lore and enjoy designing settlements and infrastructure in-game. You can find me in the Commonwealth at (0,0) in the 1.17 world, Parallel Prime! 


Ello! I am KJwacky, but most call me KJ. I am a builder here on Parallel, which means I get to help build the places and things for everyone to experience. When I’m not building for the server, you can often find me at Cherry Town, the Entertainment District, Cliffside, or running around in a random location for no reason. However, no matter what I’m doing, I am always willing to come by, chat, and interact with everyone!

Texture Artists

Heyo! I’m CallMeSquidKid, but most call me Squid for short. I’m Parallel’s first official texture artist, lifted straight out of the community! I give Parallel’s custom items their unique appearances. I’m honored to be able to pursue a dream of mine by contributing to the unparalleled world that is Parallel, even if it’s through a more low-key role! I’m a huge fan of the server and its community, but I’m sadly often busy, so I’m rarely online. However, when I am on the server, I’m often seen exploring and helping people out with random things. If you find yourself online, I’m almost always happy to chat or offer help with whatever task you’re occupied with!

Model Artists

Bio coming soon!

Server Artists

Yo, I am AstelBanana or just Astel for short. I am an artist for the server. I will be doing a lot of work to create dynamic drawings for the server. When I am online, you can typically find me around the Oceanic Commune or at the Soup Kitchen!


Hello there!! I’m Vis, but a lot of people call me Vis. I’m on the Parallel Team as a lore writer, helping the rest of the team create exciting and engaging experiences for everyone. You can find me randomly wandering around or doing one of my secret projects or just dying a lot. I love being part of the community and part of the team!

Hello! I’m The_Muffin_Man_, and folks tend to call me Muffin! I’m lucky to be a writer on a team of incredibly kind and experienced staff here on Parallel. New to the server and need to learn a thing or two? I’d be happy to show you the ropes! Though I live in the big pagoda in Heiwa Kame, I’m usually busy working on the next big Lore Event for the server! I love to write and build the next chapters of this fun story we share. Don’t hesitate to ask me for help, though- players always come first! 

Hey, I’m DubiousAce! Most folks just call me Ace. I’m a writer, and I’ve had my hands in most parts of keeping the server running smoothly. I’ve done moderating, building, lore writing, graphics, audio, advertising, code development, and just generally staring at the console and hoping it doesn’t fall apart. You can usually find me at my Wizard Tower in Parallel Prime, or the Dwarven Stronghold I’m working on in Otherside, or hovering over the shoulder of the latest hooligan on the server. If you need help with anything feel free to give me a shout!